César E. Chávez Farmers’ Market

A community-based farmers’ market located on the Grandville Avenue corridor.

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Habitat for Humanity of Kent County

The Plaza de Roosevelt is a work in progress to bring a collective housing, mixed use and Ferris State’s Optometry and Pharmacy Schools to the Grandville Avenue corridor.

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Friends of Grand Rapids Parks

The neighborhood is named after our great park, so it is a given that we are close collaborators with Friends of Grand Rapids Parks. Find out ways you can volunteer in our park by helping with FGRP. 

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Grand Rapids Public Schools

Roosevelt Park is filled with young families with children attending our neighborhood school Caesar Chavez Elementary.

Get involved with the school or contact the Principal, Aimee Garcia, 1205 Grandville Avenue – p. (616) 819-2560 f. (616) 819-2556 | Breakfast 8:10 A.M. | Start Time 8:30 A.M. | Dismissal 3:34 P.M.

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Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities

Cultivating creativity and promoting academic achievement in the Grandville Avenue neighborhood.

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Kent County Health Department

The Kent County Health Department is responsible for continually assessing the health of the community and ensuring that certain services are available and accessible for its citizens.

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Wellspring Lutheran Services Pailalen Parent Training

The Pailalen (pie-lah-len) program is a 9-week violence prevention parent training class offered through Wellspring Lutheran Services in the Grand Rapids area.

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Roosevelt Park Ministries

The mission and purpose of Roosevelt Park Ministries is to provide Christ-centered, holistic support to individuals, families, and youth living in and around the Roosevelt Park Community

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Grand Rapids YMCA

Welcome to the Y, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the West Michigan community.

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We are a community development organization that provides services to Kent County, and are involved in a host of projects and services that reach families, houses, businesses and neighborhoods at large.

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