About RPNA

Origins of RPNA

Residents along the Grandville Avenue corridor founded the Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association in 1978, with its boundaries of Wealthy to the north, Burton to the south, Clyde Park / Godfrey to the West and Century Avenue to the east.  The residents organized to save the Fire Station, renovate the Roosevelt Park Lodge, create a neighborhood house-painting program and establish a better landlord/tenant communications network.


The Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association continues to be a key stakeholder in developing the Roosevelt Park Neighborhood by connecting community partners together.  RPNA brought an independent Library and Center for the Arts, (Cook Library and Arts Center) and the renovation of the Hispanic Center of West Michigan on the Grandville Avenue corridor, because of need.  We have focused on meeting the needs of our residents through capital projects and coordinating programming to bring the very best services to our residents. RPNA continues to look to meet the exciting challenges ahead.


RPNA Board of Directors:
Pastor Reggie Smith, President
Heather Rosema de Olivares, Vice President
Dr. Bruce Roller, Treasurer
Carol Watkins, Secretary
Jacqueline Bouma
Javier Cervantes
Pamela Duzan                                                              Johnnie Jordan
Margarita Ortiz